Our Mission

SSR DIgital Group advises on a company’s strategic mix of sales strategy & outsourced

tech platforms to accelerate SCALE and revenue growth. We’ll put a tactical plan in

place to grow your bottom line.

Who We Are

SSR Digital Group was founded by industry veteran Stacie Sussman. Stacie has over sixteen years of Sales Leadership and Operations experience working for leading digital companies and globally recognized brands.

Our boutique consultancy firms provides hands-on expert experience to streamline your sales process, workflows, and build your revenue pipeline.

We don’t just open a new relationship. We work with partners and collaborate with a 1:1 conversation and weekly check-ins.

We don’t just meet the status quo. We strive to set the bar high and provide a high-caliber level of service.

We don’t just show you how to do it. We collaborate and talk through a tactical approach to take action.

We don’t say well this has worked for others. We understand that every company is unique and has their own set of goals.

Stacie Sussman 

Owner & Founder

Photography: Alexis Mera Photography

Photography: Alexis Mera Photography

Stacie Sussman is a Sales Leader in growing sales revenue through 360 digital media strategies and Enterprise solutions.  As founder and owner of SSR Digital Group, Stacie has built a 16-year career managing over $35 million in digital sales for companies ranging from high-growth startups to Fortune 500 conglomerates. Stacie's robust experience includes notable leadership positions at New York Magazine, Daily Mail, Elite Daily, AllRecipes and Conde Nast. Stacie has developed go-to-market strategies and process for companies expanding to the US and has managed key advertiser relations across multiple verticals. Stacie’s colleagues and clients say that “she is a true trailblazer in the SaaS and digital advertising sales space” and “exceeds expectations”. Stacie graduated from the University of Michigan with a BA degree in Communications. 

It’s not enough to believe in Change. WOMEN need to be the Change.


Stacie and her team are passionate about gender equality in the workplace and wants to change people’s opinion of the term "the boys club".

We want rising stars women in the workplace to know about careers in Operations and System Administration as this is a growing niche in the tech space.

Stacie strives to be a role model for all the fierce young ladies just starting out and dedicates her time to mentoring young professionals and giving back to organizations that promotes equality for women. With her mentorship, she hopes these young ladies will dream big, break boundaries, and accomplish anything.